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Some functionality has been removed (e.g. different site themes) in the short term in order to get the site up and running quicker.
We will be updating the look and feel of the site and adding new features as soon as time permits
Site Creator: Original site creator Niko Roberts has gone bot from the game, however with his help BBStats has been re-started by Trikster Baxter Bogans and Lordy Team Lordy
Description: BBStats is being developed to aid users of BuzzerBeater (the online basketball management game).
The site's main focus is creating useful statistics for managers to understand their team and their opponents' team.
There is also a NT Forum attached to the website to allow experienced users to share information publicly and privately.
Service BBStats is a free service for all BuzzerBeater users. All programming is done by volunteers (i.e. Trikster and Lordy at the moment). If you have ideas for site improvement or are willing to help coding please leave feedback or contact us via BB-Mail.
Donations We would appreciate some help with BBSTATS hosting costs .... hint hint :)

Notes: This site has no official affiliation with BuzzerBeater (
This site is not designed to take away any supporter features from the game.
All BuzzerBeater logos and player faces are property of
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To login to BBStats you must have an account on and you must have also set the accesskey to your account in Your Profile within BuzzerBeater



9 Nov 12 Updated the schedule layout and added boxscores
12 Sep 12 Div 1, 2 & 3 are loaded for all large nations, 1 & 2 for smaller, so NT scout will give comprehensive results now
9 Sep 12 Currently loading Div 1, 2 & 3 players for all nations to improve NT Scout data. It is a slow process so please help out everyone and we all benefit
4 Sep 12 Version 3.0 (Site Relaunch) BBStats is back from bot land.